I am seeking response from English teachers who have used the Teacher's Pet or Prestwick lesson plans for A Midsummer Night's Dream.There is no real look inside for a sample page and I want to...

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I actually used both, but I agree that Prestwick House is the better of the two. Actually, I love the Prestwick House guides. One of the best things about Prestwick House is that you can get guides for different levels. They usually have AP guides and regular guides. I like the continuity of always using the same guide. Sometimes I use them as is, and sometimes I pick and choose. They are well-written and a valuable resource.
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If you are going to choose between them, I would very strongly recommend the Prestwick Lesson Plans, in particular the activity section. I have used Prestwick Lesson Plans for a number of texts, including this one, and have been greatly impressed by the quality and care that has gone into creating a series of activities that I can use to structure my teaching and also other ideas and activities that I can pull out as and when necessary. Whilst it is not perfect and I have had to modify some activities, I think this is normal for lesson plans of this nature. But I have definitely found the core ideas to be really useful and easy to adapt.

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Hi, fellow teacher.

I have used the Prestwick Lesson Plans for A Midsummer Night's Dream, and have been very satisfied with them.  As I understand it, you want to view certain pages and not have to print 100+ ?  The only way I figured out how to view them was to go to the Lesson Plans, for instance and click on PDF file.  (Don't worry; nothing will prini without your indicating that you want to print.)  Then open this and you can view all the pages full size and see which ones you want.  Write down the numbers so when you  go to print you can specify what pages you want (in print the pages are too small to see).

There is a table of contents on the second page so you can scroll down to whichever page you wish.  Then, if you want something from other than the Lesson Plans, just return to the menu above your question here and click on it. 

You will be very satisfied with the Prestiwick Lesson Plans; they save soooo much time!  Hope these instructions help you, and thanks for using enotes. 

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