I am preparing for my language test;can you help me? Please give me 3-4 good openings so that I can work on them. You can give a opening on a summer, winter, autumn or spring day or introduce by...

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If you look at an essay as your language test, I can help you with creating one which should help you create the rest.  If this were me, I would choose spring as it is my favorite time of the year.  Your thesis statement should contain the three reasons you most love the spring of the year, and each of those reasons becomes one of your body paragraphs.  Let's look at reasons I love spring.  First, the end of winter is a hopeful time in Minnesota as we endure some harsh snow, ice and cold.  Spring brings the greening of grass, the budding of the trees and the appearance of flowers.  Spring also brings the return of birds which had flown south because of the cold.  We can now enjoy the singing of the cardinal, the ruby red of the hummingbird, and the flash of orange and wonderful song of the oriole. Lastly, the snow disappears and we are able to walk outside with the sun shining on us instead of the wind blowing us aside.  Insects haven't really appeared yet including our outsized mosquito, so we enjoy the spring without bugs.  Now, for each of the topics you have, create a list of what you like or dislike, and create your topics from there.  Remember to include what is important to you about each season.  You can use a comparison or contrast essay to either talk about similarities or to discuss differences among two of the seasons.  Good luck with your essay.


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