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Can you advise me on where to find microeconomics articles on various topics like...

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Can you advise me on where to find microeconomics articles on various topics like Demand, Supply, Market Failure, Externalities, Subsidy, Monopoly, Price Flooring, Price Ceiling, etc., for my Economics Internal Assessment?

Articles shouldn't be older than 1st January 2012.

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There are, of course, many articles published on issues that touch on microeconomics.  These can appear in peer-reviewed journals as academic works or they can appear in various other forums as attempts to influence public policy.  In the links below, there is one of each kind of article.  Both of these articles have to do with the minimum wage and the impacts of minimum wage increases.

In general, economic theory holds that an increase in the minimum wage (or indeed the existence of a minimum wage at all) is a bad thing for the least-skilled workers in an economy.  Economists believe that creating a price floor above the natural equilibrium wage leads to a situation in which fewer people are able to work.  Those people who do work will get higher wages, but many people will not be hired, or will get fewer hours, as employers seek to escape from having to pay the minimum wage.

These articles look at this issue in more detail.  They seek to explore the actual impact of minimum wage increases on specific populations of people.  One looks specifically at the city of San Jose, California.  The other looks at restaurant and bar employees and teens in various states in the US.  It tries to determine the specific impacts of minimum wage hikes on these workers at a time when the economy is in recession. 

I hope that one or both of these will be of use to you.


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This is very helpful!

Thankyou so much for such a resourceful reply.


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