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I am looking for 2 cases, i just need the names of the cases 1)doctors negligence , if...

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I am looking for 2 cases, i just need the names of the cases

1)doctors negligence , if he had not act like that the harm could prevent

2) Nervous shock, related to the case below

the case is:

During the first half of an amateur youth rugby match between the Reds and the Blues the Reds players deliberately caused the scrum to collapse on several occasions, which is against the rules and dangerous. Patrick, the 15 year old captain of the Blues, team complained to the referee, Stan, that there was a likelihood of injury occurring.  The Blues coach also complained to Stan during half time. However, Stan took no greater control of the scrums in the second half and at one scrum Dan, a Reds player, caused the scrum to collapse once again. Patrick fell and his neck was injured.

Patrick was taken to Heantun Hospital where the doctor briefly examined him, removed the neck brace that paramedics had fitted, declared that he thought the injury was no more than strains and bruising, and admitted Patrick for observation overnight. Patrick woke up unable to move. A consultant orthopaedic specialist later diagnosed that Patrick had severed vertebrae and damaged nerve endings and would be permanently paralysed from the neck down. He also said that there was a 70% chance that the injury would not have led to paralysis if the neck brace had not been removed and the injury had been correctly diagnosed and treated immediately.

Dan was also badly injured in the collapsed scrum, breaking his shin bone in the fall, and is now permanently disabled and unable to play rugby again. A part of Dan’s bone pierced his skin as he fell. Neil, another of the players, was very distressed at the sight of the injury and is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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