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I am having trouble finding a general opening statement related to the topic of coming...

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I am having trouble finding a general opening statement related to the topic of coming of age in To Kill a Mockingbird.

I am writing an essay about how Jem comes of age, using examples of when he moves from being morally, intellectually, and emotionally immature to mature as the book progresses.

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Well, you certainly have picked an excellent topic to look into. There are plenty of examples for you to select from the novel that you can use to support your main idea. However, your question asks for an opening statement, that I guess you can use in your introduction. The key to writing a good introduction is coming up with a kind of general statement that can hook in your readers and make them want to read on, so what you have to try to do is come up with some kind of statement about the process of maturing that will apply to your readers and engage them, encouraging them to read on. How about the following example to give you some idea of what I am talking about:

Every one of us goes through a gradual movement from immaturity to maturity based on the situations in life that we meet and have to come to terms with. Of course, often the situations that make us grow up most are sad or difficult ones, and this is certainly the case when we think of how Jem matures in To Kill a Mockingbird.

You can see how I have started the essay with a sentence that relates to everyone, and then linked it in to the topic of your essay. You now need to include a brief outline of your major points and then you have your introduction! Good luck.

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