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I am doing a power point presentation on Alexander Calder's jewelry.  I need  3...

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ourtree | Student, Undergraduate | eNotes Newbie

Posted March 31, 2012 at 9:22 AM via web

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I am doing a power point presentation on Alexander Calder's jewelry.  I need  3 dynamic, interesting questions to present to my 4th year university class

I need 3 questions to ask regarding the work of alexander calder's jewelry.  Please help!  This is for a 4th year art history university class, so they need to be very though provoking questions.  Thank you!

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nmmoritz | Middle School Teacher | (Level 1) Adjunct Educator

Posted April 19, 2012 at 4:27 PM (Answer #1)

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Consider the following:

1.)  There is no doubt that Calder's jewelry is art.  However, if his jewelry was to be made available to the general public- sold in such places as J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart, Target, etc., would you say that there are certain people who could best "pull off the look?"  If so, what types of people in what sectors of life could best showcase his jewelry?  Why are these people best suited to do so?

2.)  Much of Calder's jewelry is comprised of metal.  If you were to attempt to make your own jewelry in Calder's style, what types of material would you use?  Why?  What types of material would you not consider using?  Why?

3.)  Mark Rosenthal, curator of the exhibit Calder Jewelry, believes that "There’s something so extravagant about these pieces, they almost transform the person wearing them."  In your opinion, how does Calder's jewlery transform the wearer?


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