I am asking for a quick wrap up/summary on The Hunger Games.I am asking because I want to know if I'd want to recommend it to my teacher for a class book report so this is where I am looking if I'd...

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The novel is set in the future. North America was destroyed. The continent is comprised of 12 areas. Panem is the name if the capitol located in the Rocky Mountain area. Katniss resides in the Appalachian Mountains, district 12. This district is a coal mining area where starvation is common. Katniss is without a father because he died in the mines. She is the primary caretaker of her mother and sister, Prim.

The capitol withholds food and basic supplies. They host the annual Hunger Games, where people are killed as a threat to quell any possible rebellion. The Hunger Games require each district to give one male and one female child. The competitors are decided through a lottery. A family can get added food if they enter more to the games. Therefore, the poorer are entered many times. Rich families have alomost none. In some districts children are made for the chance to compete in the games.

Since Katniss's father died they had to make more entries to get money for her mother and Prim.

Prim becomes old enough to enter. When Prim’s name is chosen Katniss goes in her place.

Katniss and Peeta compete from District 12. They are whisked away and given star treatment while preparing for competition. Peeta and Katniss make friends. Howver they realize that only one can survive. The Hunger Games make the 24 competitors live a secret place and fight to their mortal end. The entire country views this on tv. The survivor wins food for their district for a year.


That's all I am revealing. You can read the rest. It's a good one. It is so revealing of the reality tv that is on nowadays, in that, the contemporary voyeuristic society is based on exploitation of the victims of society.

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