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If I am asked to write an essay on any Bnitish poet and if I have selected William...

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If I am asked to write an essay on any Bnitish poet and if I have selected William Wordsworth (one of the Romantic poets), what should I start with?

I mean I dont know much about Wordsworth but I know a little bit of him that he loved nature a lot and of course some of his poems inspired me too; but what is the unique thing about Wordsworth? Because to start my essay I must mention the reason why I have selected this particular poet to write about.

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You say that to start your essay you must mention why you selected Wordsworth to write about. The obvious way to start your essay, then, would be to state why you selected Wordsworth. The first sentence of your question seems to contain the essential elements for that beginning, especially the fact that Wordsworth inspired you. You could begin by saying that you have chosen to write about Wordsworth because you especially liked several of his poems, and then you might state the names of those poems and explain what it is you like about them. You could, of course, quote some of the lines you especially like. You should explain that you empathize with him because he was a great lover of nature and you are a lover of nature yourself. No doubt he taught you to appreciate nature more than you had before. He has had that influence on many people over the years. He also had an an influence on many other poets, including Keats, Shelley, and Browning.

I would say that the "unique thing" about Wordsworth is that he writes about nature with great sincerity and uses simple, unpretentious language. Where your essay would go from there would depend on the requirements of the assignment. If it is a long essay, you would have to do some research. eNotes offers plenty of information about Wordsworth, including reference material on specific poems.

Writing an essay about a poem you love can be a pleasurable experience if you focus on your own feelings and impressions.


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Thank you very much Mrs. billdelaney . I got it.

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It is very easy to write an essay on William Wordsworth as a romantic poet. First of all get acquaintance with the characteristics of Romantic poetry and neo-classical poetry. Then your little knowledge will be fruitful by responding the all characteristics and it would be the best essay.

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