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Should fast food restaurants be allowed in Hungary?   I am about to have a debate...

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Should fast food restaurants be allowed in Hungary?


I am about to have a debate about whether fast food should be built in Hungary or not. Can someone help me arguing whether why should fast food be built in Hungary and why should not?

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This will end up being a debate between globalization and consumer choice and the maintenance of tradition in a country.  It is also possible that there are health implications to this decision.

On the one hand, we can say that Hungary should allow fast food restaurants to enter the country because that allows consumers to choose what they want to eat.  From this point of view, it is best to let the people decide what they want.  If the people want to eat fast food, they should be able to do so.  If they do not want it, let them express that by not patronizing the fast food restaurants.  Thus, this becomes an issue of consumer rights. 

On the other hand, however, we can see this as a case of maintaining cultural traditions.  We can argue that it is bad to bring in globalized fast food restaurants because they will dilute Hungary’s cultural uniqueness.  Instead of having a uniquely Hungarian culture, Hungary will start to have a culture that is just like every other country in our rapidly globalizing world.  You can also argue that bringing fast food into Hungary will make people less healthy because fast food tends to have lots of things like fat and salt in it.

Thus, we can frame this as a debate that is mainly between the right of people to decide what they want and the right of a country to protect its culture.

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