In The Autobiography of Malcolm X, does author Alex Haley explain or describe in the "Epilogue" the purpose for writing the autobiography?I only want to know if Alex Haley describes a purpose in...

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Alex Haley met and worked with Malcolm X a couple of times before they sat down to start the interviews for the book.

The interviews eventually covered Malcolm X's life and his first religious conversion to the Nation of Islam, which dramatically changed his life, his subsequent disillusionment with his faith, and conversion to Sunni Islam, as well as his travels.

However, when the interviews started, Malcolm X only wanted to speak about his religious beliefs, and Haley had to remind Malcolm X that the story was supposed to be about his entire life, and the reminder angered Malcolm X.  However, after several meetings, Haley asked about his mother, and Malcolm X started to describe his life story.  This was the primary reason for the writing of the book, and the book is based on over 50 in-depth interviews between Haley and Malcolm X.

The epilogue Haley wrote took place after Malcolm X was assassinated.  It summarized the end of Malcolm X's life, as well as his death.

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