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Water pollutionTap water is highly contaminated, hence a number of persons are left up...

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Water pollution

Tap water is highly contaminated, hence a number of persons are left up to the mercy of bottled water. What about the lower class persons who cannot affort to buy so-called spring water?  It is said that even when chlorinated, the water is still not safe.


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Is this a real situation or a "what if" situation? Companies and communities that provide public services (such as a water supply) are obligated by law to notify consumers if an unsafe situation exists and to correct it. In some of the small communities in my area, there have been times when the local water supply was contaminated. The public was notified immediately, usually with a "boil notice." People were told to boil their water for drinking and cooking until further notice. When the water was safe again, the boil notice was cancelled. I cannot imagine a community government or private company being allowed to continue to provide unsafe water to their consumers.

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All water is tested and regulated. Like the previous post said, if the water supply is found to be unsafe they must notify the public. I honestly do not think that most middle to upper class people purchase bottled water though. I believe that they drink tap water as well.

I think that saying tap water is highly contaminated is not true. While it can become contaminated for sure, the public must be notified immediately and a boil order is put into effect until further notice.

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Most drinking water is perfectly safe. People buy bottled water for convenience, not health reasons. Bottled water is often just municipal tap water. People that don't like the taste of tap water can buy a faucet attachment for about $25. If the situation you described was realized, our environmental agencies would need to address it.

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