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Agents of socialization include parents, siblings, extended family, community, culture,...

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Agents of socialization include parents, siblings, extended family, community, culture, economic environment, religion, child care, school, teachers, peers, formal organizations, sports, mass media, and technology. In an ideal world, these agents would complement one another in order to best influence a child's development.

Choose two of the above agents and discuss how these agents can have both a positive and negative influence on a child's development.

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The two agents of socialization that I will focus on are the media and technology. 

The media, undoubtedly, is one of the strongest forces in our society, simply because the media is ubiquitous. And even from a young age, advertisement and entertainment seeks to influence children's minds. This is a negative point, because often the media is controlled by profits, and so what they want is to make young people into consumers. With that said, mass media can also be useful, if it is truly done for the public good. Many educational programs fall into this category. 

What is true for media is also true for technology. Technology at its best can be a great boon for socializing children. It can teach them about communication, the world, and so much more. However, if technology is reduced to games and entertainment, then it shapes children in the wrong way. 

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