Which statement best describe Nnaemeka and Nene after their marriage?A) Successfully withstand the prejudices of people in Lagos. B) Are snubbed by everyone. C) Move to another country where they...

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Both Nene and Nnaemeka find a narrative continuing even after Okeke's rejection.  They live as a happily married couple, which rejects the last answer.  They do not acquiesce to the father's wishes and any social pressure, as they remain together.  They also end up living in Lagos, and do not flee to another nation.  As both of them have work in Lagos, it is consistent that they do not flee or live in another nation.  This leaves the first two options only.  The couple do experience a level of social pressure and prejudice, as Achebe notes that the rural world of Okeke is not the only one in which people show some level of prejudice towards them.  Yet, this is not the final verdict rendered, as Nene shows herself to be a resilient wife, winning over those in Lagos that previously viewed her and both of them as a couple with prejudice.  She wins them over with both determination and a quiet confidence in her own dignity:

But as time went on, Nene gradually broke through some of this prejudice and even began to make friends among them. Slowly and grudgingly they began to admit that she kept her home much better than most of them.

It is here where the second answer would be incorrect, making the first answer the correct one to choose of the four.


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