After Jem expresses disillusionment over the trial and the verdict, Miss Maudie defends the town and its people. Paraphrase what she says to Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird.

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After the trial, Jem is disillusioned with the outcome. Miss Maudie defends the town and its people. She states that Judge Taylor was trying to get Tom Robinson the best representation he could have by appointing Atticus as his lawyer. Miss Maudie explains that Judge Taylor could have appointed someone else as Tom Robinson's lawyer. She also stated that Atticus did a good job because the jury deliberated for so long. The jury was not immediately convinced that Tom Robinson was guilty. Miss Maudie tried to console Jem. She said the town was making baby steps in the right direction. She was referring to the racism and prejudices found in Maycomb. She insisted that many people in the town were proud of the good job Atticus did while defending Tom Robinson. Miss Maudie sincerely tried to make Jem feel better.  


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