In "Country Husband", does Francis have a new perspective on life after his life altering experience? If so, what does he do with it?At the end of the story, has Francis really changed...

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Francis most definitely has a new perspective on life after his life altering experience.  He feels he has been given a second chance to live his life the way he wants to, and is much less inhibited in expressing his opinions and in the choices he makes.  Unfortunately, in trying to be "true to himself" and escape the social games his contemporaries play to keep up proper appearances, he indulges in a series of poor behaviors which include fantasizing about and kissing Anne, a teenaged babysitter, insulting a prominent member of his social circle, and sabotaging the employment aspirations of the young man who plans to marry Anne.

At the end of the story, Francis appears to have changed only in the deeper appreciation he has for the life he has always led.  He foregoes the self-centered behavior that almost resulted in the loss of his marriage and consults a psychiatrist in hopes of better understanding his complicated feelings.


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