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Advice on how to study for a test on The Tempest?This is the format of my test: any...

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Advice on how to study for a test on The Tempest?

This is the format of my test: any advice on how to study, what to study, or any information would be great! :)


Character --> match with Characteristics (very hard)

A set of events, then put them in sequence

Passages, put them in sequence

Passages, and identify literary features

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In order to study for any test, the important factor is not cramming. Starting about a week prior to the test, one should go over their notes every night. This will allow the student to have a better understanding of the material and be able to clear up any questions about the test material with the teacher prior to the test day.

I have always found that study cards help immensely. Write the characteristics of each of the characters on one side of the card and the character's name on the other. Study the cards from both directions-examining the characteristics and then naming the character and examining the character and naming the characteristics.

To study the sequential events, create a time line by which you go through the play (The Tempest- as noted by the posted question) and note the most important events. By creating the time line, you are embedding the material in a different way--you created it and it is easier recall something which you created. Passages can be studied in this fashion as well.

The passages that will be/could be on the exam could be studied in the same way as the characters. Write the passages on index cards and identify the importance of the passage, who spoke it, and the literary features of the passage.

Another great study tool is to record your own voice going over the material and then listening to the material. Think about it this way, we learn songs (word for word) by hearing them. Texts are no different.

As for what to study, hopefully you took notes over the lectures. Any quotes the teacher brought up will be relevant. All of the main characters will most likely be on the test as well. Be sure to note any/all characteristics the teacher pointed out during class. The best judge of material on the test is what the teacher focused upon during class and discussions.


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