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Advent of Film Before the advent of movies, American civilization was primarily a...

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Advent of Film

Before the advent of movies, American civilization was primarily a reading and listening society. Discuss the significance and the cultural impact that movies and television had in terms of advancing a society based on visual images. Bring specific images and movies into your discussion.

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Movies and television opened up new ways for people to see and interpret the society in which they and others lived in. This included the societies of people in other nations. What people beforehand imagined in their own minds, through reading, and talking, was now thrust to the forefront in pre-defined images so that they did not really have to do the thinking necessary to gain a sense of an issue, event, circumstance, people, places, things, and such. Movies and television have, in a good sense, advanced society by giving people more insight into the world and the happenings around them, with the foundation the visual storytelling format.

Movies and television have contributed somewhat to the decline of reading in society. They have also contributed to the decline of conversation in society - the good old give-and-take of after supper conversation in the living-room or on the front porch. As archaic as that may sound it is, in fact, a fact. This is the cultural impact of movies and television, from a negative perspective.

However, the images from film have given people, as previously alluded to, a broader understanding of the world and its complexities. Who can forget the images of Colonel Kurtz, in the movie "Apocalypse Now", as he rants like a madmen in his jungle compound. This film and its images definitely give people a deeper understanding of war in general and the Vietnam war in particular.

In addition, the image in Swedish director Ingmar Bergamn's film "The Seventh Seal" of Death playing chess with the Knight is an unforgettable visual image that helps one understand a little better the challenges and trials of life and our own mortality.



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