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Advantages of Robotic SurgerySurgical robotics is a new technology that holds...

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Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Surgical robotics is a new technology that holds significant promise in the field of Minimal Access Surgery. Robotic surgery is new revolution, and it is one of the most talked about subjects in surgery today. There is no doubt that they will become an important tool in the surgical armamentarium, but the extent of their use is still evolving.

Surgical robots have become the entry fee for centers wanting to be known for excellence in minimal access surgery despite the current lack of practical applications. Therefore, robotic devices seem to have more of a marketing role than a practical role. Whether or not robotic devices will grow into a more practical role remains to be seen.

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Robotic surgery is the future of medical technology. With the use of surgical technologies patients time spent in the operating room drops drastically. Robotics allow less blood loss from the patients due to smaller incisions and operating at a extremely precise method. Smaller incisions lead to less scarring after surgery and also a shorter recovery time. However, robotics may never replace a human doctor completely simply because it does not think the way a human does. 

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I agree that robots will never completely replace doctors, but the one advantage a robot has is an ever-steady hand. The robot has to be guided with a doctor, but the robot can essentially be an extension of the doctor and the doctor's hand. The future indeed!

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