When Romeo and Juliet first meet (Act1, Scene 5, Lines 95-109), their meeting takes the form of a sonnet. Why is this?What effect did Shakespeare intend to create by depicting the lovers' meeting...

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Traditionally, sonnets are the poetic expression of love.  Shakespeare is creating a play in which the main characters fall in love quickly and marry - he has to accomplish this quickly, so that he can move the plot along to its tragic outcome.  In the prologue, Shakespeare lets us know that the plot will involve two "star-crossed lovers".  By using the language of a sonnet for their first meeting, Shakespeare is alerting the audience to the knowledge that it is these two characters to whom he was refering.

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he made it a sonnet to show that it was love at first sight and how smooth romeo was.....thats wat i think and plus it made it so much better!!

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