In act 1 scene 2 of Shakespeare's Hamlet, why does Laertes wish to see the King?act1 scene2



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In this second scene of Hamlet, Laertes wishes to see King Claudius to ask his permission to return to France. Prior to King Hamlet's death and Claudius' coronation, Laertes was attending school in France.  Now that things have settled down, he wishes to return to both France and his school. King Claudius, assured that Laertes' father Polonius agrees with his decision, gives Laertes permission to go to school. 

In these lines, Laertes is seeking his permission.  This also shows Laeretes loyalty to the king of Denmark and to King Claudius.

Your leave and favour to return to France;
From whence though willingly I came to Denmark,
To show my duty in your coronation,(55)
Yet now, I must confess, that duty done,
My thoughts and wishes bend again toward France
And bow them to your gracious leave and pardon.



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