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In Act 5 Scene 4, what is Malcolm's plan?

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In Act 5 Scene 4, what is Malcolm's plan?

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Malcolm's plan is to camouflage themselves with tree branches from Birnam Wood, so that Macbeth won't notice them until it's too late. This tactic, of course, will fulfill one of the prophecies of the witches that Macbeth will have nothing to fear until Birnam Wood begins to move.


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Malcom's miliatry plan was to make all his soldiers break off a branch from the trees in Birnam wood and hold it in front of themselves so as to conceal their appearance, while moving towards Macbth's castle in Dunsinane. By doing this, he felt, it would create confusion in the minds of Macbeth's soldiers, thereby giving them miscalculcated and wrong reports regarding the strength of the opponent's army. Hence, leaving them unprepared. :)

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