In Act 3 scene 5 Lady Capulet says that she will send someone to poison Romeo, is that correct? I was confused by that part and by Juliet's response.

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Yes, in Act III Scene V of Romeo and Juliet, Lady Capulet does state her willingness to have Romeo poisoned.  Lady Capulet believes that Juliet has been made ill by her grief over her cousin Tybalt being murdered by Romeo Montague; Lady Capulet knows nothing of Juliet's secret romance with Romeo.  In order to hide the true reason for her sadness, Romeo’s banishment, Juliet lies to her mother and says that she wishes she could have revenge for Tybalt’s murder. 

 Lady Capulet responds to Juliet’s lie by telling her daughter not to worry, because she will send someone to Romeo’s current place of residence, Mantua, to poison him.  Juliet has no choice but to continue with her act, but she does manage to include some mixed messages in her response to Lady Capulet's suggestion.  For example, her statement that her "heart abhors to hear him named and cannot come to him" really has to do with love, rather than hatred or anger.

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Thank you so much! My underlying question that came out of this is... In the final scenes does the apothecary actually give him poison, or does he have the poison because of this "delivery" that Lady Capulet set up?

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I'm sorry, but you would have to submit another question in order for me to address that question. :-)

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