In Act 2 What does dialogue reveal about the complicated relationship between John and Elizabeth when...-Elizabeth learns that John was alone with Abigail -Elizabeth asks John to break his unspoken...

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Firstly, we learn that their relationship isn't perfect 'It is the low, dark and rather long living room of the time'. The conversation between them is awkward and uncomfortable 'A sense of their seperation arises' and we discover that one of the main reasons for this is Proctor's affair with Abigail. Elizabeth finds out that he spoke to Abigail alone and she is very suspicious. Proctor tries to defend his actions but is also guilty for the affair in the first place. Elizabeth is still suspicious and asks him to tell Abigail it is over and report her fraud to the high court. They may be married, but Proctor's affair causes a lot of friction between them and between Elizabethand Abigail. The conservation heats up and gets worse when Mary arrives.

But we know that there is love between them when Proctor tastes the rabbit Elizabeth cooked and adds salt just so he can compliment her for the seasoning of it. This shows that Proctor wants their marriage to work and Elizabeth to be happy. Proctor's anguish and anger at Elizabeth's arrest 'Damn the Deputy Governor! Out of my house!' 'I will fall like an ocean on that court!' then shows how much they really mean to each other.

The awkward dialogue and the short, tempered words show the flaws of the marriage but we can see they do love eachother. 

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