In Act 2 Scene 4 of Shakespeare's Macbeth, what is the importance of the fact that MacDuff does not go to Scone for the king's coronation?



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First you must keep in mind that Scone is the place where the king's coronation takes place.  This is tradition, and it is expected that all who are loyal to the king will be there for this important ceremony.  When MacDuff does not attend Macbeth's coronation (or official crowning ceremony) it raises red flags for Macbeth, and it shows us that he is not a supporter of the new king.  MacDuff doubts Macbeth's position as king.  He is the first to express concern that maybe Macbeth had something to so with Duncan's untimely death.  This, coupled with the witches' warning, put MacDuff on Macbeth's radar as he looks for ways to eliminate anyone who may be in his way to keeping the crown.


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