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In Act 1 Arthur Miller uses lengthy prose commentaries for much of his Dramatic...

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In Act 1 Arthur Miller uses lengthy prose commentaries for much of his Dramatic Exposition. What kind of information does he reveal in these commentaries?

Literary Analysis: Plot and Dramatic Exposition

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Arthur Miller reveals a great deal of information in his lengthy prose commentary in Act 1. Primarily he is providing the reader with information about the Puritan culture which serves as the backdrop for the Salem Witchcraft Trials. He discusses the Puritans' strict lifestyle involving work and prayer with no time for celebrations. He discusses how the Puritans needed these strict rules when they began their society for safety reasons, but now that they were more established, there was a push by some for more individual freedom. Miller states that society is constantly trying to find the balance between rules/regulations and individual freedom. Those in charge in Salem (Reverend Parris) want to hold on to their power while others (John Proctor) want more individual freedom. This causes some strife between characters that comes to the forefront during the witchcraft trials.  

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