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According to Jerry Bentley in Old World Encounters, What is Jerry Bentley’s...

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According to Jerry Bentley in Old World Encounters,

  1. What is Jerry Bentley’s thesis?  What is his point?
  2. According to Bentley’s book, what does the term social conversion mean? How is it different than voluntary conversion?
  3. What are three patterns of cultural conversion that Bentley discusses?
  4. What were the effects of cultural conversion?
  5. What pre-modern group was the major avenue for introducing new culture?  Who were the major people who converted?
  6. How did the Silk Road lead to conversion?
  7. Whose alphabet is the foundation of the western alphabet?
  8. Where did Buddhism originally develop?
  9. What were the causes of Chinese resistance to Buddhism?
  10. What were the means by which Buddhism spread to China?

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