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i accidentally took pma about 4 days ago. i felt all the symptoms: sweaty hands,...

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i accidentally took pma about 4 days ago. i felt all the symptoms: sweaty hands, trouble breathing etc.. i went to the hospital.

they checked my blood pressure and my temprature but i was fine. i dont know. now i feel better but i still feel sorta weird, sometimes i have trouble breathing but not much it lasts like for 3-4mins. my chest feels hot doesnt hurt just feels hot its annoying. including my head also sometimes feels hot, not a headache feels hot feels weird i cant really explain. is there any treatment for this instead of going to the hospital? this is the first time i do pma. thank you for your time.

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Hello, first, let me say the pma (para-Methoxyamphetamine) is a Schedule I Hallucinogen here in the US.  Which means it's in illegal substance.

This drug is classified as an Amphetamine and Hallucinogen with street names like "Dr. Death" (atleast, thats what we called it in the ER :-)

PMA affects a neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Serotonin is can be found in three areas of our body, the brain, gastrointestinal tract and platelets which help with clotting of blood.  When serotonin is produced in large quantities or drugs act like serotonin like pma or ecstasy, our body goes on overdrive.  Our brain starts to hallucinate and feel euphoric.  Our body temperature is regulated from a part of our brain called the hypothalamus.  With excess Serotonin, our body temperature rises, and with pma our body temperature can reach 105º and be fatal.  Our blood vessels constrict, shunting blood from our fingers to our heart which can produce a palpitation feeling in your chest or give you a sensation that you cant catch your breath.

PMA is more potent if you take it with other hallucinogens like ecstasy and can be fatal.

The half life for PMA is approximately a few days.  The best tip is to drink LOTS OF WATER to flush the drug out of your system.  If you are feeling 'hot', you might also be having sweats which can also dehydrate you.  When you are dehydrated, the drug takes longer to leave your system.  Load up on lots of beverages like PowerAide or GatorAid.  They have electrolytes that your body looses when you sweat.

Be careful... hallucinogens like PMA and Ecstasy have been triggers for developing Schizophrenia (especially if you have a family predisposition).

Remember... load up on lots of fluids to help flush the medicine out of your body

I have attached a link from the National Toxicology Databank.

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