About chapter summaries...Hello I'm new on this site. Why can't I get a summary on every chapter of a book I find here? And one more you dont have anything about Dean Koontz book Frankenstein Book...

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It is true that Enotes is constantly adding books to a growing bank of resources. If you have found a book you are looking for, one reason you may be unable to access chapter summaries for every chapter is due to the fact that you are not a subscriber. Only a limited amount of information is available for free. However, for about $15 a month (if you wish to pay month-by-month) to as low as about $4 a month (if you sign up for an entire year) you can have access to all of the chapter summaries and a lot more.

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We are working on adding chapter summaries of many books, but sometimes we only have basic summaries.  While we do not have every book, you can always send us a message letting us know you want to add a bok.  Thank you for using enotes!


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