8 is to 64 as 2 is to x

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Solve `8/64=2/x` .

(1) One method is to cross multiply and divide. (The product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes). Thus 8x=2(64).

Then 8x=128, and x=16.

(2) Another method is to simplify the left-hand side-- thus 8/64=1/8.
`1/8=2/x` . Multiply the left-hand side by 2/2 to get `2/16=2/x` . Since the numerators are equal, the denomiators will be equal so x=16.

When you write 8 is to 64, you are writing a ratio, the same as 8:64 or 8/64.



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analogy=(sort of) proportion

8             2

__     =    __

64            x




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This is a more complex way of arriving at the same answer but it is a different way of looking at the problem

8/64 = 2/ x

0.125= 2/ x

0.125x= 2

x= 2/ 0.125

x= 16


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