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The 4th Age of Middle-earthIn The Silmarillion the world was created and almost...

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The 4th Age of Middle-earth

In The Silmarillion the world was created and almost immediately evil entered the world when Melkor turned on the valar. Then for the next thousands of years or three ages the valar, firstborn (Elves), followers (men), and dwarves, go through the conflict of destroying melkor.

Then the main evil turns to Sauron, and they have to fight against Sauron for many more years. By the end of the 3rd age they destroy Sauron and the ring and evil is "Removed".

Of course evil wasn’t completely removed because there is sin in everybody. But what do you predict happened when Tolkien leaves off. Note that Tolkien started to write a book called "Return of the Shadow" that takes place after Return of the King but abandoned it for it was too depressing to go on with it.


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In some ways I honestly never really speculated too much even though I absolutely loved reading all of the Tolkien stuff I could get my hands on.

It would be hard to know exactly how things would go given that the elves have pretty much left Middle Earth for good.  I wonder whether the Ents would ever find the Ent Wives or if all the forests are doomed to become wild and dead in the sense that they no longer speak.  I wonder too about Tom Bombadil, given that he seemed to be ready for things to change or to never really be involved.

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