3 = N of C of A H in Shakespeare?This questions has something to do with Shakespeare and each letter represents a word and then all the words in the sentences give the answer 3.

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Posted on (Answer #2)

Aha! A puzzle! I'll give you a clue: A H stands for Anne Hathaway, who was Shakespeare's wife. 

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Posted on (Answer #3)

number of children of Anne Hathaway = 3

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Posted on (Answer #4)

This is cool. So everything can be written as a mathematic equation, huh?

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Posted on (Answer #5)

Fun!  Just in case there is a bonus, the names of the children were Susana, Judith, and Hamnet.  The last two were twins. 

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Posted on (Answer #6)

Wow, this is an interesting idea.  I think I will consider creating some of these myself, or possibly having my students do it.  Of course, we don't really know this do we?  Who really was William Shakespeare?  Or was he the one who wrote the plays?

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