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24.26 Test accommodations.    Many states require schoolchildren to take regular...

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24.26 Test accommodations.    Many states require schoolchildren to take regular statewide tests to assess their progress. Children with learning disabilities who read poorly may not do well on mathematics tests because they can’t read the problems. Most states allow “accommodations” for learning-disabled children. Randomly assign 100 learning-disabled children in equal numbers to three types of accommodation and a control group: math problems are read by a teacher; by a computer; by a computer that also shows a video; and standard test conditions. Compare the mean scores on the state mathematics assessment.

Title of the Book. David S. Moore: The Basic Practice of Statistic, Chapter 24, page 658.



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Population: Disabilty students with maths problem read by teacher, those with maths problems done by computer, and those student done on video.

Therefore  population(I) = 3. The three sample size: n1, n2, n3.

ni=100, n2=100, n3=100. Total number of observation = 100*3=300.

'F' test has numerator degree of freedom I-1=3-1, and denominator degree of freedom (df dn) ie N-1 = 300-3=297. Therefore, df (3, 297)



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