20 adjectives to describe Scout Finch personality?Characteristics of Scout Finch. I need at least 15.

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Below are two different ways to answer the question.  First, a list mentioning all of the different character traits might be all that is required by the assignment.  On the other hand, though, you might want to look at your assignment to see if your teacher wants you to quote from the book for each of the adjectives that you are supposed to provide; so, I gave a couple of examples below to help you out.

Scout Finch:

Tom-boy, young, aware, inquisitive, tough, little sister, daughter, normal, American girl, scared, inexperienced, independent, obedient, smart, literate. . .

Tired - "I hated him for that, but when you are in trouble you become easily tired: soon I was hiding in his lap and his arms were around me" (104).

Out-of-Control -"Scout," said Atticus, "When summer comes you'll have to keep your head about far worse things" (104).

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A few more adjectives for Scout:

Naive: some consider her to be naive due to her interaction with the mob that intended to attack Tom Robinson in his jail cell.  She has been criticized for her overly simplistic response to their attack, believing that just by mentioning Walter to his father, that she can calm a mob.

Confused/Loyal: Scout's relationship with her brother evolves as they grow up.  While Jem loses his innocence after the trial (after he believed Atticus would win, yet Tom was still convicted), Scout is confused and conflicted about her brother's changes in behavior.  She always sticks by his side, but does not understand why he lashes out at her.

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