2 metaphors in chapter 2

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This is the chapter where the boys decide they need to build a fire on the mountain so that they can capture the attention of any ships that might be passing by them. There are several metaphors that refer to the fire, flames and logs that they use to make the fire. For example: "smoke on the mountain" and "platform of forest" and "the grotesque dead thing" and "breeze was a river of sparks" and "beard of flame" and "tree of sparks" - all of these apply to the fire or the materials that they use to create the fire. There are other non-fire related metaphors, but these stand out. Earlier, the little boy that is afraid of the "beastie" is referred to as "a shrimp of a boy" and later in the chapter there is "the sun in the west was a drop of buring gold".  If you read on towards the end of this chapter, you will see additional fire metaphors - there is a simile that compares the fire to a "squirrel" but then afterwards, this image is intensified with additional "squirrel" metaphors that compare the smoke from the fire to a squirrel.

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