10 songs relating to Dally from the outsiders I née help for my assignment I need 10 songs about Dally from the outsiders if possible pls provide me with a reasoning as to why u chose this song...

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Is it supposed to be from the time period? How about "Like a Rolling Stone" from Bob Dylan. Dally seems restless to me. I also think that several of Johnny Cash's songs, especially "Hurt" would be excellent choices. The "Jet Song" from West Side Story is also a good choice, because it is about gang life as well.
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"Born To Be Wild" by Sean Kingston springs immediately to mind, as does "The Leader of the Pack" by Del Shannon. I would also rate "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry.

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Dally is a really angry guy, right.  So pick angry songs that you know.  Preferably, they should be angry at authority.  They should be angry at parents or the police.  I can't think of any modern songs like that since I don't listen to all that much music that is popular today.  Old songs would include "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister or "F*** tha Police" by NWA.

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In reply to #2: Thnx for the help they don't have to be modern thnx again

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