What is 10% of $500?

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To find 10% of a number, just move the decimal one place to the left.

10% of 123 is 12.3

or, multiply the number by the decimal equivalent.

10% is also written as .10

500 x .10 = 50.

20% is also written as .20

500 x .20 = 100


Here is an example where we turn 10% into a fraction and solve it that way.

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Whenever you're trying to find the percentage of a number, it may be easiest for you to first convert the percentage into a decimal. Of course you don't need to do this, but for many people this helps them understand the calculation and process the answer much more quickly.

To go from a percentage to a decimal, we simply look at the percentage as if it was out of 100%. So if you're looking for a 20% percentage, think of it as 20/100%, or simply 0.20. 

In your question, we are looking for 10%. Similarly, that is equal exactly to 1/10, or 0.10.

Next, in order to find the percentage of a number, all we need to do is simply multiple the percentage (or decimal) by that number. Thus, in order to find what 10% of $500 is, the calculation is as simple as this:

0.10 x 500 = $50

Fifty dollars is your answer. Just so you can fully understand how to calculate these, let's do another more difficult example. For instance, what is 15% of 850?

0.15 x 850 = 127.50

Calculating the percentage of a number is a very important, yet basic math skill to have. It is essential in many different parts of life. I hope this has helped you understand how to calculate them.

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You are going to change 10% to a decimal which is .10 (move decimal place two places to the left) then multiply by 500.

So we get  .10x500 = 50.

50 is your final answer.

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a trick is 10% of any number is move the decimal  the right one digit so the answer is $50

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What is 10% of $500?

Percentage % is a number expressed as a ratio or fraction of 100. In this case 10% will be 10 divided by 100 i.e 10/100. Therefore,

500 * 10/100                 (divide 10 by 100 you get 0.1)

500 * 0.1                       (multiply 500 with 0.1 you get 50)

$50 Answer.

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The equation form of this question would be : 10% x 500 = y

1. Turn the % into a decimal. To turn a percent into a decimal, simply move the percent sign to the right 2 times and replace it with a decimal.

10% = .10

2. Multiply the numbers. 500 x .10 

500 x .10 = 50

3. 10% of $500 = $50!

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To find the value of a percentage of a number you would multiply the percent in decimal form, with the number. 

So 10% of 500 would be .1 x 500 and that would equal to 50

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What is 10% of $500?

For this problem, what we can do is use proportions. 

`(10/100) = (x/500)`

Cross multiply. 


Since '100x' is multiplication, what is the opposite operation? (division)-- divide both sides by 100 to isolate x. 


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10% of 500 is basically .1 × 500 

Now just multiply .10 with 500 which will give you 50 which is your answer

instead of doing it that way, you can do it by using the equation 500/100 = x/10 but of course this would take more steps and a longer time to solve

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That would be .10*500 which is basically the same thing I just turned it into a decimal. And that would be 50.

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We are asked to find 10% of 500. 

These type of problems automatically signifies multiplication. 10% can be written as 10/100. Now multiply this by 500. The 500 and 100 cancel to leave you with 10 x 5. This is 50. This method works with any percent and any number. 

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10% of $500:

10% = 0.01

0.01 · $500 = $50

The answer is $50

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There are many ways to do this 






then cross multiply and




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To get 10% of 500

1. Turn the percent to decimals, move the decimal two places to the left.

10% = .10

2. Multiply the percent times 500. 

.10 * 500 =

3. Solve. 

.10 * 500 = 50

10% of $500 is $50.

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10% of 500

.1*500 = 50

10% of 500 is 50

notice i did not put .01 for 10% because that would be to find only 1% of the 500. I included this note because many people get confused on this. 

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To find 10% of 500 just move the percentage to become a decimal by moving the decimal one place to the right. .10 x 500 which would equal 50. Therefore 10% of 500 is equal to 50. This method can also be used in other problems like this. If it asks some percentage of some number equals what, turn the percentage into a decimal and multiply it by the number

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10% of 500.

You know that 10% of 100 is 10 (because thats litteraly what % is, its 10/100*100 would give you 10) in that same case simply multiply it by five. 10% of 500 is 50.

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To find ten percent of a number, you move the decimal one spot to the left. For example, 10% of 382 would be 38.2. Get it? Therefore, 10% of 500 would be 50. It is that simple. Another way of figuring this out would be multiplying 500 with .10 or .1, whichever is easier for you. You would get the same answer, nevertheless.

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To find 10% of a number that has a zero in the one's place - simply drop that 0. If it has another digit simply place a decimal point between the ones and tens place.

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