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1. Choose three biomes and briefly describe their characteristics (including climate,...

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1. Choose three biomes and briefly describe their characteristics (including climate, common organisms, etc).

2. What is the difference between an ecosystem and a biome?

3. What is the role of primary consumers in a food chain? Give an example of a primary consumer in a terrestrial and an aquatic ecosystem.

4. What are niches and competitive exclusion?

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Three biomes are as follows: (1) Tundra biomes:These lie north of 60  degree north latitude characterised by an extremely cold condition not favouring the growth of trees.(2) Tropical deciduous forest biome: Deciduous refers to the nature of trees in which all leaves fall together in one season or month so that the plant becomes leafless.(3) Tropical Savanna: there are some interspersed shrubs or trees as is extensively found in tropics.

Ecology has been usually defined as "the study of reciprocal relationships between organisms and their environment. Biomes or major communities are the extensive formations of vegetations.

The energy, as stored in food matter manufactured by green plants, is then utilised by the plant eaters-the herbivores which constitute the second trophic level-the primary consumers level, and are called the primary consumers. The primary consumers are benthos and zooplanktons.

Niches are obtained by considering a hyperspace every coordinate of which corresponds to a relevant variable in the life of a species of organisms.

Competitive exclusion states that complete competitors can not coexist. This concept is a cornerstone of ecology, particularly in the form of its corollary of ecological segregation.

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