eNotes Employment Opportunities

Below is a list of current job opportunities at eNotes. The company's office is located in the downtown area of Seattle, Washington.

Teachers, Educators, and Academic Writers

Our educators answer student questions and write on subjects such as literature, history, social sciences, and science. These are remote positions with very flexible hours. To apply, simply visit the educator sign-up page.

Editorial, Marketing, and Writing Interns

We offer paid internships at our Capitol Hill location. Please visit our Internship page for current offerings.

LAMP Developers

eNotes is actively seeking developers with strong experience in LAMP environments. Ideal candidates should have a passion for building an innovative and exciting educational platform for students and teachers around the world. eNotes is one of the most heavily trafficked educational websites in the world, with millions of visits every year.

You will be:

  • Deploying content from some of the world's largest education publishers, much of which has never been available online before.
  • Working with a small, dedicated team in building innovative software applications to help students and teachers from around the world connect with each other, share ideas, and find information.

Required Skills:

We believe smart developers can learn just about anything, but experience with the following is required:

  • Object-oriented PHP, including commonly used design patterns. This means you need a thorough understanding of classes and objects, and how to use composition and inheritance to build extensible applications.
  • MySQL. You need significant competency with SQL databases. You should be able to construct efficient queries against a MySQL database, understand the principles of relational databases, and understand the importance of normalization.
  • Javascript. You need to be able to accomplish client-side scripting effectively, including AJAX, preferably having used libraries such as jQuery.

Preferred Skills:

Previous experience in one or more of the following areas is highly desirable:

  • Linux systems administration, especially with Ubuntu, and experience in cloud-based environments.
  • Scaleable MySQL environments, using replication and/or clustering.
  • Experience with common version control systems such as Subversion, Perforce, or Git.
  • Mobile application development, particularly for the iOS platform. This is a big plus and will highlight your candidacy.

Front-End Designers/Developers

eNotes also seeks front-end design work, either on a contractual or full-time basis.  Candidates should have strong Photoshop/Illustrator skills, HTML/CSS experience, and experience in web environments.  Any experience with javascript is a huge plus, particularly libraries like jQuery.

Experience with design on mobile platforms is a big plus as well.

To Apply:

Interested individuals should send a brief email along with a resume to jobs@enotes.com. If we are interested, we will contact you to set up a phone interview.

eNotes offers an excellent compensation package, including health/dental insurance, and an incentive stock option plan.

About eNotes

eNotes has been online since 2003, serving millions of students and teachers every year. The company is privately held and has been profitable since its outset. eNotes has its offices in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

Quantcast ranks eNotes in the top 500 websites worldwide.