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A Worn Path Essay Exam

A Worn Path Essay Exam

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A Worn Path: Essay Exam (Open Book)

Address one of these writing prompts in a well developed essay. Support your discussion with facts, examples, and/or incidents from the story. Also, include 2-3 brief quotations from the story in supporting your discussion.

  • Phoenix Jackson is very elderly and poor, an African-American woman living in a racist Southern society. However, Phoenix maintains her pride and dignity, despite her difficult circumstances. How is this idea developed in the story?
  • Phoenix’s love for her grandson is beyond question. Explain several ways her love is demonstrated in the story.
  • Phoenix interacts with several white people during the course of the story. Assess the character of each person she encounters, based upon his or her treatment of Phoenix.
  • When thinking of strength, courage, and sacrifice, we often think of soldiers on the battlefield; however, these qualities certainly can be found in Phoenix Jackson. Explain and support this idea.

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This open-book essay exam offers students four writing prompts and requires that they address one of them in a well developed essay, using specifics from the story to support their discussions.

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A Worn Path Essay Exam