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"Twelfth Night" Final Exam

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Twelfth Night Final

Put the follow plot events from Twelfth Night in the order they occurred. Place numbers on the lines in front of the events. You may use your study guides and your study guides only to help you. The events have been separated by acts to help you.


  • _____ We meet Sir Toby Belch (Olivia’s uncle), Maria (Olivia’s maid) and Andrew Aguecheek (Belch’s “friend” who is in love with Olivia). Sir Toby Belch uses Aguecheek for money.
  • _____ Viola finds out about Duke Orsino and decides to disguise herself as a man to get a job.
  • _____ Duke Orsino loves Lady Olivia. But Lady Olivia is in mourning for her brother, so doesn’t want anything to do with Orsino.
  • _____ Viola is shipwrecked and is washed ashore in Illyria. She thinks her brother has been drowned.
  • _____ In her disguise Viola calls herself Cesario. Her first job is to deliver a message to Olivia from Duke Orsino. Olivia isn’t interested in the message, but is interested in Cesario.
  • _____ When Viola meets Duke Orsino, she falls in love with him, but can do nothing as she doesn’t want to give away her disguise.


  • _____ Malvolio finds the letter and totally overreacts—he is delighted!
  • _____ We learn that Sebastian (Viola’s identical twin) has been rescued from the sea by Antonio.
  • _____ Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are drinking. Maria interrupts them, telling them to quiet down.
  • _____ Lady Olivia sends a ring to Cesario. Cesario (Viola) realizes what a mess she is in.
  • _____ Maria suggests revenge by writing a letter to Malvolio in handwriting similar to Olivia’s, suggesting that Olivia loves him.
  • _____ Malvolio suddenly appears and tells them all (including Maria) off sternly.


  • _____ Cesario (Viola) carries another message to Lady Olivia from Duke Orsino. Olivia openly speaks of her loves for Cesario.
  • _____ Malvolio appears, dressed and acting using the instructions in the ‘love letter’.
  • _____ Sir Andrew, thinking Cesario is a rival, is jealous. Sir Toby persuades Sir Andrew to challenge Cesario to a duel.
  • _____ When Antonio calls Viola ‘Sebastian’, Viola is given hope that he brother may be alive.
  • _____ Cesario (Viola) is challenged to a duel by Sir Andrew. Antonio rescues Cesario (Viola) thinking she is really Sebastian.
  • _____ Lady Olivia finds his behavior very strange and thinks he is mad.


  • _____ Malvolio is given a pen and paper to write to Olivia and explain his behavior.
  • _____ Sir Toby is worried he has offended Lady Olivia (his niece) so tells Feste to end the joke.
  • _____ Olivia persuades Sebastian that he should marry her at once, and fetches a priest to carry out the ceremony. Olivia thinks it is Cesario.
  • _____ Malvolio has been imprisoned by Sir Toby and friends. Feste tricks Malvolio into talking about madness.
  • _____ Sebastian sees Lady Olivia for the first time, and is instantly attracted. Lady Olivia just thinks she is talking to Cesario.
  • _____ Olivia enters and thinks Sir Toby is fighting with Cesario. Olivia banishes Sir Toby from her sight.
  • _____ Sir Andrew is very surprised when he finds Sebastian beating him. He was expecting Cesario’s weakness, not Sebastian’s strength.
  • _____ Sir Andrew sees Sebastian. He thinks Sebastian is Cesario! Sir
  • Andrew attacks Sebastian.
  • _____ Sir Toby steps into the fight and draws his sword against Sebastian.


  • _____ Duke Orsino, when he understands Cesario is really Viola in disguise, declares his love. Orsino proposes to Viola.
  • _____ Sebastian arrives, and the confusion starts to be explained.
  • _____ Cesario is accused of breaking the marriage appointment with Olivia, accused of beating Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, and accused of failing to gain Olivia’s love for Duke Orsino.
  • _____ The play ends with a song from Feste. Only Malvolio is left angry and upset.
  • _____ Duke Orsino decides to talk to Lady Olivia in person.
  • _____ Malvolio’s explanation is read, and the trick of the fake letter is revealed.

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A simple final exam on Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"--students are asked to put plot points in order within scenes.

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