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Test on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Test on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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  • Because Victor saw an oak blasted to bits, he a. Rode to the valley of Chamounix, where he had found peace as a boy b. Spent a lot of time in chamel-houses c. Developed an early fascinating with electricity.
  • Which is NOT a reason Walton writes to his sister? a. To reassure he that he is safe b. To share the stranger’s tale c. To request that she send money
  • When they were boys, Victor and Walton both were a. Eager to learn b. Lonely and without friends c. Motherless children
  • Victor tells his story to Walton so that Walton will a. Publish it b. Take him back to London c. Avoid some of Victor’s mistakes
  • Victor describes both his mother and Elizabeth as a. Brilliant b. Merciful c. Tough
  • Before rescuing Victor, the sailors look through their telescopes and are amazed to see a. The North Pole b. A house in flames c. The creature
  • While Victor explored the way things work, his friend Clerval preferred to a. Write and act out tales of chivalry b. Figure out ways to earn money c. Play competitive sports
  • When the creature first opened his eyes, Victor experienced a. Disgust b. Delight c. Sorrow
  • After his new creature disappeared and again after Clerval was killed, Victor a. Fell into a nervous fever b. Put all of his energy into capturing the creature c. Attempted suicide
  • Victor told his father that he felt responsible for the deaths of a. His mother, William, and Clerval b. William, Justine, and Clerval c. His teacher, William, and Clerval
  • The creature promised to stop hurting people if Victor would a. Promise not to marry Elizabeth b. Spend more time with him c. Make him a female
  • Victor promised to tell Elizabeth everything a. On Valentine’s Day b. The day after their wedding c. The day of his graduation
  • Victor left his bride alone, despite the creature’s warning, because Victor a. Thought the creature intended to kill him b. Was using Elizabeth as a lure c. Could not bear to see his beloved murdered
  • Victor’s father died a. Of strangulation at the hands of the creature b. Of grief soon after Elizabeth’s murder c. On the scaffold after William’s death
  • After Elizabeth’s death, Victor traveled to the North Country in search of a. Revenge b. Knowledge c. Peace
  • Near death, Victor exhorts the crew to a. Change course and pursue the creature b. Change course and go safely home c. Continue on their course and not give up
  • When the sailors ask Walton to promise that he will sail home when they are free of the ice, he a. Agrees to head home b. Threatens to have them jailed for mutiny c. Laughs in their faces
  • When the creature finds his master dead, he expresses a. Suspicion that Walton had murdered Victor b. Grief that his beloved creator was gone c. Anger that he could no longer make Victor suffer
  • If Victor had still been alive when the creature arrived, which of the following would MOST LIKELY have happened? a. The creature would have killed Victor. b. Captain Walton would have killed the creature. c. The creature would have spoken to Victor and left.
  • At the end, the creature cried out that he is going off to a. Die b. Seek revenge c. Live by himself in peace

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A basic test designed to serve as a quick assessment of Frankenstein as a summer reading assignment. Answer key uploaded separately.

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Test on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Test on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley