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Solar System Test or Study Guide

Solar System Test or Study Guide

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Fill in the blank

  • A person who studies space is called a(n) ________________.
  • We have seasons because the Earth’s axis is ______________.
  • The constellation known as the bull is called _______________.
  • Light travels at this speed __________________________.
  • The distance light travels in one year is called a ____________ _____.
  • Our galaxy is called the ______________ ________________.
  • When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, the Southern Hemisphere experiences ____________________.
  • It takes this long for the Earth to rotate on its axis __________.
  • A __________ is a star that has collapsed into such dense matter that light cannot escape it.
  • A ______________ is an exploding star.

Match the terms to their definitions

  • The closest star to our sun
  • Billions of stars that travel together
  • Constellation known as the hunter
  • Galaxy similar to our own
  • The furthest planet from the sun
  • This occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun
  • A. Elclipse B. Pluto C. Galaxy D. Orion E. Andromeda F. Proxima Centauri
  • Explain the difference between revolution and rotation. (Use your best handwriting and be sure to punctuate correctly).

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This sheet can be used as a test or a study guide.

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Solar System Test or Study Guide