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Sentence Variety

Sentence Variety

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Sentence Variety

Using the “cheat sheet” below, combine the sentences according tothe instructions listed.

Complex sentences – Include a dependent clause and one independent clause.

  • Remember, dependent clauses begin with subordinating conjunctions…and you have a list.

Compound sentences – Include two or more independent clauses.

  • Can use a comma plus a coordinating conjuction
  • Can use a semicolon by itself
  • Can use a semicolon plus a conjunctive adverb
  • Can use a semicolon plus a transitional expression

Compound/Complex sentences – Include at least one dependentclause and more than one independent clause….use the rules above.

1) Sentence 1: Kathy studied all night long.

Sentence 2: She passed her chemistry test.

Make one complex sentence from the sentences above with the dependent clause coming first.

Sentence 1: Bailey wants to go to the movies.

Sentence 2: Charlotte wants to go to the mall.

Make one compound sentence from the sentences above using the conjunctive adverb however.

3) Sentence 1: I really like the book Twilight.

Sentence 2: I intend to go see the movie.

Sentence 3: I cannot wait until it comes out.

Make a compound/complex sentence using a comma and a coordinating conjunction to join your independent clauses together.

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A bell ringer for reviewing Sentence Variety.

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Sentence Variety Sentence Variety