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Romeo and Juliet: Writing Prompts for Act 1 Pre-Reading

Romeo and Juliet: Writing Prompts for Act 1 Pre-Reading

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Homework: Writing Prompts for Act 1 Pre-Reading

  • This exercise is designed to help your students begin to think critically about information they may already possess (or think that they possess) about Romeo and Juliet and will assist them in comparing preconceived notions to what actually happens in the text. Be sure to tell your students that there is no “right” or “wrong” answer in this assignment.
  • How does knowing that Romeo and Juliet is a “tragedy” affect your thinking about the love between Romeo and Juliet? Possible responses: Students may speak about how knowing Romeo and Juliet will end in tragedy colors all relations and events that transpire. They should speculate on the fact that no matter what may happen, no matter what plans the two lovers make, the protagonists are doomed.
  • Why do you think that political adversaries resort to name-calling and mudslinging rather than trying to honestly work out differences?Possible responses: Students may answer that it is easier to call someone names and stand by old grudges rather than make the difficult choice to get along with people you don’t like and consider that they may have a valid point of view.
  • Is there ever a reason to hide your identity from someone you are attracted to? Possible responses: Yes, because you might be shy and this is the only way you can see if someone likes you without getting hurt. No, because if someone doesn’t like you for who you are, then the person isn’t worth the effort.
  • If you wanted to date someone your parents objected to, would you try to find a way to see that person anyway? Possible responses: Yes, because parents don’t always understand you and may have prejudices that aren’t fair. No, it is never right to go behind your parents back; it will only lead to trouble.

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4 questions for teachers to use when teaching Romeo and Juliet. Includes possible responses to watch for.

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Romeo and Juliet: Writing Prompts for Act 1 Pre-Reading