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QAR Questions for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Chapters I, II

QAR Questions for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Chapters I, II

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  • Where was Victor Frankenstein born? Geneva, Switzerland
  • How were Victor’s father and the father of his mother connected? They were close friends.
  • Why did Beaufort go into hiding? He was ashamed of his poverty.
  • Where did the Frankensteins find Elizabeth? In a poor cottage in Milan, Italy, being raised by parents after she was orphaned.
  • How did Mrs. Frankenstein introduce Elizabeth to Victor? She said Elizabeth was a gift to him.
  • Who is Henry Clerval? The son of a Geneva merchant and Victor’s best friend.
  • What was the opinion of Victor’s father concerning the writings of the alchemist Cornelius Agrippa? He considered them “sad trash.”
  • What became Victor’s passion of discovery after is introduction to the writings of the alchemists? He wanted to find the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life.
  • What event further sparked Victor’s scientific curiosity? Lightning during a storm caused him to become interested in electricity.
  • How did Victor’s scientific pursuits alter as a result of the storm? He abandoned natural history and concentrated on alchemy.


  • Describe Victor’s relationship with his parents. They were very close; he was their adored child.
  • Describe Victor’s relationships at school. While he was something of a loner, avoiding the crowd, he became close friends with Henry Clerval.
  • Describe Victor’s father’s merits as a friend. He was especially close to Beaufort and sought to help him in his struggles. When Beaufort died, Mr. Frankenstein took care of his orphaned daughter.
  • Compare and contrast Victor’s and Elizabeth’s attitude toward nature. They both had a deep appreciation for their natural surroundings. Elizabeth’s focus was on the beauty of nature, while Victor was more interested in its causes.
  • In what ways was Victor surrounded by examples of love? His parents loved and doted on him as a child. Elizabeth was a devoted companion to him, as was Henry Clerval. All these had a significant investment of love in Victor’s life, showing him the duties of affection toward those is ones life.


  • How does Shelley develop the idea of the responsibilities of friendship in this section? Shelley relates the story of Beaufort and Victor’s father. Mr. Frankenstein has invested a great deal of emotion and time in trying to help his friend, who is in what might be considered an “undesirable” situation. She develops the theme of duties of friendship, which should be enacted despite appearances, nature, or social condition (setting the stage for juxtaposition between Mr. Frankenstein and Victor’s future relationship to the creature.
  • How is Victor’s intellectual curiosity developed throughout this section?Shelley begins by stating that Victor had a great interest in natural causes. However, through ideas learned from his readings of the alchemists, his interests go from natural causes to what may be termed “supranatural” causes.
  • How does Shelley foreshadow Victor’s tragedy? Shelley begins to refer to Victor’s future tragedy by having Victor point out that his interest in alchemy set him on the path for his impending misjudgment, thereby ruining his life. She has Victor muse about the seemingly small choices he made that set the stage for his doom.


Think back on some event (good or bad) in your own life that had a major impact on your life today. Trace it back to its beginnings. What set the stage for this event? Who were the people who influenced you at this time, and how did they react to your choices? How would your life be different today if this event had never taken place?

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Using the Question-Answer-Relationshop method, this lesson presents progressively higher order of thinking to analyze Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Chapters I, II

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QAR Questions for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Chapters I, II QAR Questions for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Chapters I, II QAR Questions for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Chapters I, II