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Prestwick House Power Presentations: Writing Descriptive and Narrative Paragraphs

The Writing Descriptive and Narrative Paragraphs Power Point contains a section on descriptive writing and a section on narrative writing. These were created to be versatile tools for your classroom. The presentation will probably be most useful to you as something worked through from beginning to end. Alternately, you could incorporate some of the sections into your own lessons on the subject. The Descriptive Paragraphs section deals with using sensory details in descriptive writing, making language concrete and interesting, and utilizing figurative language. The Narrative Paragraphs section deals with spatial and temporal organization, tone, and using tools to expand narrative detail. The material in the Power Points is best worked on in class; students can discuss ideas for answers to the prompts that come after each instruction section. The additional practice exercises can be assigned to students as individual work. The key to these exercises is included as a separate document. These Power Points were designed to help your students better understand how to write descriptive and narrative paragraphs that come to life and keep the reader interested. We hope that they will lead to a discussion of what good writing really involves.

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