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Prestwick House Power Presentations: Parts of Speech

"Parts of Speech" is a PowerPoint presentation form Prestwick House that offers students a way to improve their knowledge of the essential units of grammar. All the traditional parts of speech are covered, from nouns and different kinds of verbs to prepositions and the various types of conjunctions. There are exercises for each part to allow students to make sure that each one is understood, and we have included a set of cumulative exercises at the end of the presentation. In addition, we have repeated all exercises, without visible answers, in a PDF format, which can be duplicated and used as worksheets or quizzes. You may also choose which section of the presentation you want to work on by clicking on the slide sorter icon. The examples for each section are the same: an explanation of each part of speech and its function followed by exercises that allow students to test their understanding. The material can be reviewed by the entire class, small groups, or individual students. Slides can also be printed and distributed to students for use as notes, practice, or quizzes.

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