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Practice in Nouns and Verbs

Practice in Nouns and Verbs

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1C. Nouns and Verbs—Recognition: Underline all nouns once and all verbs twice.

  • An agrarian society depends upon the vagaries of weather unless irrigation and other artificial means are available to provide moisture for crops.
  • Pastureland is one of the most important elements for those societies which require meat or meat by products for food.
  • Even in societies which depend on a vegetable-based diet, tillable or arable soils are very important.
  • In South America the natives have burned much of the rain forest in efforts to produce lands for crops.
  • Unfortunately, rain forest soils are extremely poor soils for crops and are quickly depleted of natural nutrients for plants.

1B. Nouns and Verbs—Recognition: Underline all nouns once and all verbs twice.

  • Logic and government are hardly ever used in the same sentence unless someone has made a joke.
  • Will Rogers once said that we should be very thankful that we don’t get all the government we pay for.
  • Ronald Reagan said that the best government was the one which interfered the least in the lives of those governed.
  • Trickle-down economics was the theory that made our government responsible for non-regulation of the American economy.
  • The principle of supply and demand has existed since men discovered the idea of ownership.

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Short exercise for practice in finding nouns and verbs

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Practice in Nouns and Verbs