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Playbill Activity for The Miracle Worker (or any play)

Playbill Activity for The Miracle Worker (or any play)

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The Miracle Worker: Culminating Activity

This activity is designed to asses your knowledge of the play, The Miracle Worker and allow you to express that knowledge creatively.

You will complete this activity in groups of three.

The Assignment:

Think about contemporary actors that you would cast in a live production of The Miracle Worker. Design a playbill- a poster that announces the theatrical performance and lists cast members- for an upcoming Broadway performance of the play. Make sure to include the following:

  • A brief summary of the play that entices potential viewers (Hint: look at your book for ideas)
  • Who will be playing each character
  • Reviews from critics who have seen your show (you can make these up) For example: “An awesome show that shows the true miracle of Helen Keller~ The New York Times

Draw pictures, scenes, actor’s faces, whatever you want. Make people want to come and watch the play.


You will be graded on the playbill itself, information on the playbill, and presentation.

Your GROUP will receive a grade for the playbill as well as an INDIVIDUAL participation grade for each member.

Group (presentation and poster): 3 grades

Individual (participation): 2 grades

About this Document

A nice activity that allows students to create playbills for the Miracle Worker or any other play.

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Playbill Activity for The Miracle Worker (or any play)