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Online Profile Project for Any Novel

Online Profile Project for Any Novel

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Summer Reading Assignment:

  • Directions: You are to create an online profile for the main character from one of the novels you read over the summer. The list can be found at:
  • An online profile is a personal page that represents a person to an online community. Online profiles have become an important part of our society and are increasingly becoming more and more influential in the way we live our lives. For this assignment, you will need to put yourself in the place of the main character from the novel you read this summer, and create an online profile for yourself that allows the viewer to learn about your character and the story you are in.
  • This page may be created in several ways and you are encouraged to use your creativity.
  • On the computer- using an online service such as “myspace” or “facebook” (must have your parent’s permission). Should you use an online profile service, you must print out a copy of the page you create, as well as email me a link to the page (page must be public)
  • By hand- using construction paper, poster board, or any other material you wish. Handwriting must be neat!


  • Picture or pictorial representation of your character.
  • Character’s personal information: name, age, occupation, location, etc.

Personality Sections: You should have a section for each of the following on your page

  • Setting: Where did the story take place? Include all settings.
  • Plot Summary: What happened in the story? (should not be more than 550 words)
  • Conflict: What obstacles/ challenges did the character(s) have to overcome?
  • Point of View: Who is telling the story? How does that influence how the story is told?
  • Theme: What is the central idea or message in the story?
  • Be creative! Make your page individual and unique to your character!

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A fun online profile project that students can do based on ANY novel.

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Online Profile Project for Any Novel